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Man on laptop studying a public policy course

How to choose the best public policy course for you

Public policy and public sector professionals are responsible for shaping, influencing and implementing policies that aim to solve the most [...]

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How to secure employer sponsorship for a short course in government and public policy

If you’re working in policy or government (or aspire to be) and are interested in taking a course to develop [...]

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A guide to evidence based policymaking

Policymakers often have a hard time knowing in advance what will work and what won’t, which is why building evidence [...]

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How our academics pivoted their public policy research to fight COVID-19

COVID-19 has been one of the biggest challenges governments across the world have faced in recent history – socially, economically [...]

Academic public policy experts at the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford

Meet the public policy experts behind our online courses

Our short and online government and public policy courses offer you the chance to hone your skills in areas such [...]

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Five reasons why team leaders should consider employer sponsorship

Great leaders help those they lead to become the best they can be. If you’re a manager working in policy [...]

Woman used for Cyber Security online course in blue jacket smiling at the camera

How our cyber security course will empower you to become a more effective public leader

Is cyber security strategy important for me? We can’t live without technology. A statement that embodies 21st-century life, from the [...]

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View public policy through the eyes of economists

Economics – a big word, yet relevant in every facet of society. But what role does it play in public [...]

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Why everything you do is about values

Picture this. You’re a civil engineer working for a local government. You receive a brief instructing you to commission the [...]

Man conducting a policy evaluation on a computer

How can you evaluate the effectiveness of a policy?

Let’s explore how policy evaluation is used in government.   Evaluation is defined as an appraisal, is backward-looking and asks questions like [...]