Pearson and the University of Oxford’s partnership is founded on a mutual goal to provide excellent online learning opportunities.

The University of Oxford

Since 1096 Oxford has been educating leaders from other parts of the globe. Over its history, it has educated nearly 60 heads of state and government.

The Blavatnik School of Government reimagines Oxford’s leadership education for the 21st century, with a mission to inspire and support better government and public policy around the world. The school is committed to improving the quality of government and public policymaking worldwide by combining the academic rigour of the top-ranked university in the world with an applied, real-world focus.


Pearson is passionate about the business of higher education. It’s one of the primary reasons the company has become the strategic online learning partner of choice for colleges and universities.

The Pearson core values of Brave, Imaginative, Decent and Accountable are embedded into everything the company does; with a mission to increase student enrolment, support the online learning experience and boost graduation rates.

Stronger together

Pearson’s commitment to online higher education helps preserve the University of Oxford’s academic integrity while generating positive results that go beyond the bottom line. Together, the two seek to innovate and provide flexible learning options to meet the needs of students around the world.


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