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When searching for learning options to advance your career, you may have considered the possibility of trying online courses. However, you might feel you don’t understand its structure, what options are available, or even the benefits.  

This guide will help you through discovering whether an online course is right for you (spoiler alert: it likely is).

Variety of options

What can be most challenging is swimming through the wide variety of learning options available. Before researching providers and courses, consider what you need. Is it to upskill for a promotion? Is it all new skills for a total career switch? Do you simply want to learn something new?

If it’s topping up your skills, adding a new skill to your resume, or just learning something you’ve always been interested in, a short course is likely right for you. If you need to learn an array of skills in a new field, a Masters course could be your best option. Explore all government and public policy course options in our guide.

Also, consider whether it is important to gain a certificate from a trusted learning provider, such as a trusted university or accredited body, so as to have approval from your employer. Proof of completion may be important to your organisation or the organisation you wish to pursue a career with.

There are several reasons you may need to study – focus on what your career goals are before making any moves.

Exceptional learning at your convenience

Recent technological advancements have given online learning a massive boost in the past 10 years. Online learning platforms, or Virtual Learning Environments (VLE), are now incredibly easy to navigate and tailored to the needs of students. For example, you’ll have access to virtual quizzes, rich video content and you can download course content to study offline or even study from your tablet or smartphone – you can literally carry your learning with you!

Build your global network

The learning environment allows you to work closely with the course tutors and your cohort, meaning you’re getting more time to ask questions and learn from fellow students from all around the globe. This can have positive impact as you learn to work collaboratively in a global context.

Not only are you learning from professionals in a different cultural context, but you’re also building a network of peers that can advance your career in a myriad of ways. Opening up your career horizons and giving you a global perspective employers value.  

Learning on your own time

One of the fundamental reasons online learning is so popular is because it allows you to learn where and when you want. Gone are the days where you have to give up your career to study a quality course – studying online gives you the flexibility to learn anytime and anywhere.

You can study whenever it best suits your schedule, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice other life commitments to upskill.

No need to pause your career

Learning in your own time also means you won’t need to quit your career or slack on your personal commitments. You can develop your skills and employability, or learn something new, at a pace that suits your needs.

You can remain financially stable, work towards your next promotion or a career switch without stressful sacrifices. That’s why so many busy professionals choose online as their preferred learning option.

Go forth and learn

In short, online learning is multifaceted and provides many obvious benefits. You can learn while working at your own pace, expand your network at a global scale and learn a skill that can alter your career – all from the comfort of your home.  

Be sure to consider the best option to suit your needs to feel confident you’re adding the right value to match your ambitions.

Are you interested in learning online with us? Consider our online short courses, eight-week options for busy professionals.